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The festival reveals its reputation on the choice of artists of quality. Thus it regularly receives international artists such as Davitt Moroney (the United Kingdom), faithful guest of the festival since his creation, Lars Ulrik Mortensen (Denemark), Sergio Vartolo (Italy), Christine Plubeau (France), Olivier Baumont (France), Bob Van Asperen (Holland), Béatrice Martin (France) 1st price of Bruges in 98 but also Christophe Coin (France), Jaap ter Linden (Holland), Menno van Delft (Holland), John Holloway (the USA) and Betty Bruylants, instigator of this single event. But the festival is also happy and proud of making known young artists whose fame only requires to grow...

2019 Festival

2017 Festival

2012 Festival

2011 Festival

2005 Festival

" Musicke of Sundries Kindes"
Jonathan Dunford, basse de viole et direction
Ian Honeyman, ténor
Claire Antonini, luth

Sunday February 27 , Upigny

Noëlle Spieth, harpsichord

Sunday March 20, Upigny

Ensemble Le Rondeau (12 musiciens)
Jean-Pierre Boullet,  flûte à bec et direction
Benoît Douchy, 1er violon
Betty Bruylants, harpsichord
2004 Festival

Sophie Yates
Church of Upigny, March 28

Gustav Leonhardt 
Church of Marie la Misérable, April 25


Evelyne Legrand et Betty Bruylants, Castle Valduc, Mei 9
2003 Festival

   Plubeau et Cueiller  
Betty Bruylants,Upigny, Sunday March 2. Christine Plubeau (viole de gambe), Bertrand Cueiller (harpsichord), and Claire Antonini (luth), Churh of Tourinnes-la-Grosse,
Sunday February 23.
"Le Rondeau" : Jean-Pierre Boullet (flûte à bec), Allen James (harpsichord) and Francine Berchmans (violoncelle), Château Valduc, Sunday March 9.

2002 Festival
Menno van Delft, teaches harpsichord and clavichord at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
In 1988 Menno van Delft won the clavichord prize at the C.Ph.E. Bach Competition in Hamburg and subsequently made his debut at the Holland Festival Early Music Utrecht. He gave concerts and master classes throughout Europe and the U.S.A. and made numerous recordings for radio and television.

Sophie Yates, harpsichord
Sophie broadcasts regularly on the European radio networks and her contract with Chandos Records gives her the opportunity to explore different styles of early keyboard music: her many CDs have received international acclaim. This year's plans include recording the second volume of Rameau's harpsichord works and recitals in Brussels, Madrid and Tokyo.

Ottavio Dantone, harpsichord
He has an intense concert activity, both as harpsichord and fortepiano soloist and as conductor of orchestra and ensemble.
Since 1996 he has been Musical Director of the Accademia Bizantina in Ravenna, with whom he had already been working since 1989. He holds specialist courses for harpsichord, chamber music, basso continuo and improvisation.
Trio Amarillis
The Amarillis Ensemble was born in 1993 of the meeting of three young musicians Héloïse Gaillard, oboe, Violaine Cochard, harpsichord and Ophélie Gaillard, cello.

Ophélie Gaillard et Violaine Cochard 

They came

 Davitt Moroney Davitt Moroney, clavecin
He first decided to study the organ, and then the harpsichord, in order to get to know better the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. While Bach has remained the centre of his musical universe, he has always been strongly drawn to the French harpsichord and organ repertoire as well. Indeed, in 1983, his recording of the complete harpsichord works of Louis Couperin (4 CDs), launched his recording career. His discography already includes 40 CDs, mostly as soloist. In addition to this commitment to Bach and French music, Davitt Moroney is also particularly interested in the works of William Byrd, whose complete keyboard works he is currently recording.
Lars Ulrik MORTENSEN, harpsichord
As a conductor, he directs the Scandinavian Baroque Orchestra and the Concerto Copenhagen. He taught harpsichord in the Munich Hochschule from 1996 to 1999 and now gives many courses throughout the world. He is also the harpsichord tutor for the European Baroque Orchestra. He has recorded extensively for DGG-Archiv, EMI and Kontrapunkt and his recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations was awarded the French Diapason d'Or. He has received many other awards for his recordings.
 Lars Ulrik Mortensen

 Betty Bruylants and George Kiss ended up the1998 festival of Les Amis du Clavecin.

Gérard Noack , flute, Hanna Grociak, harp, Betty Bruylants, harpsichord
Les Folies Françaises - Church of Tourinnes-la-Grosse