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 Alan Gotto : harpsichordmaker


 An association for the organisation and the promotion of the musical and artistic activities.

 "La Médiathèque" is an association that organise in the French Community of Belgium the loan of 700.000 médias: CD, vidéos, cédéroms, DVD, cassettes.
Marie-Anne Dachy, harpsichord en Jean-Luc Wolfs, harpsichordmaker


De Vlaamse Klavecimbel Vereniging!

The Association aims to promote contact between professional players, teachers, students and hobbyists and increase the interest for harpsichord.

 The British Harpsichord Society promotes the awareness, enjoyment, study, performance and ownership of harpsichords and related plucked keyboard instruments in Britain.

World Wide
Keyboard Bank
 This site contains a list of harpsichords, spinets, virginals, clavichords and pianofortes that are for sale throughout the whole world.
As well as handy cart for transporting your instrument

 Agenda des loisirs et petites annonces gratuites